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10 Inspiring Stories Of Finding Strength In Sobriety

For the first few weeks in sobriety, I was a whistling Dutch boy. Grief, shame, sorrow, anger, bewilderment, self-hatred and random bursts of unbridled joy. I distanced myself from my family as the truth of our codependence and their own sickness dawned on me like an unwelcome hangover. Eventually, my stepdad, who was always supportive of my sobriety, died of cancer caused by his drinking. In his final year, we were closer than ever, and I asked his forgiveness and gave it in return. Living sober isn’t all rainbows and butterflies.

I had been focused on the ground ~ rattlesnakes are real and some focus on the path in front of me is always necessary ~ but I had stopped to look around and take in the clouds. That is Statement 11 in a nutshell for me… noticing the joy. Safe in my bedroom are the notes for the event I’m co-hosting next week on our regional PBS station. It’s my debut on the channel and hopefully funding will be in place by the spring for a 13-part series that I will be co-producing. There are so many wonderful things happening to me, yet I honestly don’t even have much time to sit and think about them. I just keep saying “yes,” going about my daily routine and focusing on the tasks in front of me. I haven’t had a fight with my hubby, nothing traumatic has happened. Today though … today is such a tough day.

My True Story of Alcoholism, Addiction and the Choice to Live

At this time we had three children, and then she got pregnant with twins so we had five kids under the age of seven. Alcohol wasn’t really a part of my story until senior year of high school when I started drinking with my friends on the weekends. Looking back now, I can see that I always drank to excess. I was always the one who had to try to drink the most. I wanted to be ‘the cool guy’, you know? I wanted to be able to brag that I was the drunkest, or I had the most fun, etc. 2012 to 2013 were my hardest drinking days. My son would leave Friday night and spend the weekend with his grandparents. I took this as the time to drink until I threw up or blacked out.

Behind substance use disorder is people – people with real stories of struggle and triumph. I feel like a human being again, and it’s been a long time since I felt that way. It’s because of the Herren Wellness community and the support I get. I had someone I was at Herren sobriety success stories Wellness with come up from New Jersey for my one-year celebration there, and that meant to the world to me. My whole goal right now is to be a good husband, a good father, and to help other alcoholics and addicts who are going through the same thing that I have.

Mental Health

Don initially rejected the concept of a higher power. Like many others before him, though, he stumbled upon a healing force that’s both intangible and unexplainable. Choosing recovery close to home means your support system is just a few miles away. I was still unsure what I wanted to do with my marriage. I knew I needed to focus on recovery and not make any other major decisions.

Is 3 glasses of wine a night too much?

Experts say a a good maximum amount of wine for women would be a 5 oz glass of wine, and for men two 5 oz glasses of wine, no more than several times a week. Experts strongly advise women against having more than 3 drinks of wine per day, and for men, 4 drinks of wine per day.

When the program ended, she moved into transitional housing. Having lost her home and children, Becki was living on the streets with winter rapidly approaching. Still gripped by her addiction, Becki’s primary concern was finding somewhere warm to stay. This prompted her to enter a residential treatment program. Becki went through several treatment programs to overcome her addiction, but each time she became worse. For Kate, 12-step programs are vital to her recovery. She says she finds huge therapeutic value in sharing stories with other people in the same situation. These stories of overcoming addiction detail the lives of everyday Americans with very unique journeys of recovery. You’ll see clearly that addiction doesn’t discriminate, and that anyone can become addicted. I am now a very grateful recovering alcoholic.

The best place I’ve found to redirect my whole life. It’s a clean, safe, spacious and well organized living environment. Plenary of support and surrounded by guys who are actively working a strong program. RR is an instrumental part of my recovery. Today, Dom has more than two years sober, he’s acing college, helping other guys, and loving life. Tampa Sober Home Bay native, born into an addicted household. Started drinking and smoking weed at 13 years old, by 18 he discovered opiates, at 30 years old things started to take turn for the worst. Like many girls her age, Jules tried to control her life by disordered eating. By 14, she had fallen into drinking and partying, searching for a way to reinvent herself.

  • I keep it tight and talk to somebody in recovery every day.
  • In fact, Williams is credited as saying ‘cycling saved my life’.
  • If you are serious in your sobriety this place is for you.
  • I did Bible studies and learned to meditate.
  • One thing they all had in common is that they each tried different forms of treatment.

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